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COANDA Channel Screen
The COANDA Channel Screen is a storm water BMP employing stainless steel wedge-wire technology, ideally suited for handling large quantities of debris-laden water in flowing streams. Each Coanda Channel Screen is fully engineered for each application and peak flow rate, designed to operate either on-channel or off-channel.

This BMP meets the Caltrans definition of a Gross Solids Removal Device (GSRD) and the requirements of a full capture treatment system defined by the Los Angeles River TMDL for trash. It meets all California building code standards.

Designed to provide full treatment at peak flow
  • Removes all debris larger than fine sand
  • Captures nutrients, metals and organic matter with the debris
  • Instantaneous debris removal - debris dries quickly in the all weather debris compartment where it can be readily removed with hand tools or moving equipment
  • Maintenance-free 100% stainless steel construction
  • Engineered for each application and easily installed
  • No moving parts
  • Does not clog and will not fail

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 COANDA Channel Screen